How Keep The Smiling Cards Movement Began

How Keep The Smiling Cards Movement Began

BarryShore01121Barry shore is a young man in his late 50’s living with his wife of 27 years and son of 18 years in southern California. Throughout their success-filled lives the shores have found that thinking and acting in a positive manner creates benefits and change in the very being. Together they began printing and distributing KEEP SMILING cards to family, friends, acquaintances and then at stores/restaurants, schools, functions, hospitals, and anywhere people gathered and seemed to need an extra lift. On September 17, 2004 Barry contracted a very rare disease called Guilliane Barre Syndrome that caused him full paralysis within a few hours. Since that day Barry and the family have been tested in their beliefs and the power of positive living. Suffice to say there is ongoing recovery. Along the way, many hundreds were touched directly by the KEEP SMILING CARDS as distributed in the various hospitals that Barry stayed in. Today, thousands of KEEP SMILING cards are distributed monthly throughout the USA and in several other countries. The beneficial power of the cards and the act of giving from one person to another has brought an extra level of hope, good cheer, and pleasure to many. The shores fervently desire to distribute MILLIONS of KEEP SMILING cards to spread the joy of caring.

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Barry/Efryim Shore
Check out Efryim attributes his positive attitude to a conversation he had with his aunt at the age of seven. Efryim, originally from Boston, was looking out the window on a stormy New England day. It was cold and rainy and Efryim could think of many reasons to be upset. “What a horrible day,” he exclaimed. Just then his aunt came up behind him and chided him for seeing the negative. “What are you talking about?” she asked. “The rain and snow are so good for the world. It helps the plants to grow, it fills the river basins, and gives us water to drink. We can’t survive without rain!” “That was a seminal moment in my life,” he recalls. “My eyes were different from then on. I realized that I had a choice whether to see the good in a situation, or to focus on the opposite. Sometimes in the midst of a very hot or rainy day you can find yourself beginning to grumble and complain. Stop yourself right before the negative words leave your mouth and say, ‘Thank God I’m alive; I’m walking; I can smile!’” Efryim’s signature on his email says www but it isn’t followed by a domain name. Instead he gives new definition to the acronym – “What a Wonderful World!” As far as he’s concerned, it truly is.

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