David was very frustrated. He is an extremely wealthy businessman not used to being denied. The phone rang in his exclusive apartment and he answered with a caustic tone. It was the doorman announcing a visitor. David rudely responded and hung up the phone.

The visitor arrived, business was transacted, and the visitor left. Davidwent to dress for a lunch engagement. While at his dresser his eye glanced at the KEEP SMILING CARD he kept on the mirror…he paused…smiled…piced up the card…read the message on the back…and replaced the card. He breathed easier, finished dressing and went out of his apartment. On the elevator ride down he remembered how rude he was tothe doorman. He sighed and realized what must be done.

In the lobby he sought out the doorman….extended his hand and with a full heart offered apologies for his actions and sought forgiveness. The doorman realized this was an honest gesture and readily agreed David gave him 2 KEEP SMILING CARDs and said….”the next time some phony s.o.b. starts yelling at you, just look at this…and pass one along to someone else”.