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Daily Swims for a 90-Year-Old

Daily Swims for a 90-Year-Old A prostate cancer survivor exercises to stay physically and mentally fit; ‘when he gets in the pool, he’s in the zone’ From the Wall Street Journal | [...]

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How to Get FREE Shipping on Your Keep Smiling Cards

As promised here is information on how to get  FREE Shipping of Keep Smiling Cards. Essentially there are TWO Ways: First, You can go on the website: , select the Card You want to [...]

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The Founder’s Story – How Total Immersion Changed My Life

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Videos That Inspire

La magie du sourire Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? TED- Ideas Worth Spreading: Sue Austin Guang Dong - Pas de deux - LE PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE [...]

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Inspirational Videos

Louis Armstrong The Incredible Power of Concentration Never Give Up 2 Minutes With Sean Stephenson Just friends !

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The Founder’s Story

Out of the blue, Efryim Shore became paralyzed from the neck down. by Gavriel Horan,   It was the second day of Rosh Hashana in 2004. Efryim Barry Shore came home from a full [...]

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