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Efryim attributes his positive attitude to a conversation he had with his aunt at the age of seven. Efryim, originally from Boston, was looking out the window on a stormy New England day. It was cold and rainy and Efryim could think of many reasons to be upset. “What a horrible day,” he exclaimed. Just then his aunt came up behind him and chided him for seeing the negative. “What are you talking about?” she asked. “The rain and snow are so good for the world. It helps the plants to grow, it fills the river basins, and gives us water to drink. We can’t survive without rain!” “That was a seminal moment in my life,” he recalls. “My eyes were different from then on. I realized that I had a choice whether to see the good in a situation, or to focus on the opposite. Sometimes in the midst of a very hot or rainy day you can find yourself beginning to grumble and complain. Stop yourself right before the negative words leave your mouth and say, ‘Thank God I’m alive; I’m walking; I can smile!’” Efryim’s signature on his email says www but it isn’t followed by a domain name. Instead he gives new definition to the acronym – “What a Wonderful World!” As far as he’s concerned, it truly is.

The Latest Brain Science Discoveries

The more I learn about the latest brain science discoveries, the more grateful I am to be alive. Exciting, practical, life-changing discoveries are being made every day. For instance: Your income level, your happiness, how much you can love or be loved, how easily you recover from setbacks – and dozens of other desirable qualities... [...]

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The Magical Rope Trick

Magician Mac King demonstrates to us how to perform The Rope Trick that will leave you baffled and confused. He is so good at this that other magicians like Teller from the Penn and Teller duo have never been able to spot how Mac pulls this off. It’s knot easy to perform a magic trick [...]

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Yes I Can!

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“The greatest dance number ever filmed” Fred Astaire

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“No arms, no legs – no worries.”

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Daily Swims for a 90-Year-Old

Daily Swims for a 90-Year-Old A prostate cancer survivor exercises to stay physically and mentally fit; ‘when he gets in the pool, he’s in the zone’ From the Wall Street Journal | http://on.wsj.com/2cnatW7 Leo Shliselberg has been swimming regularly for the past 20 years. Photo: Benjamin Hoste for The Wall [...]

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How to Get FREE Shipping on Your Keep Smiling Cards

As promised here is information on how to get  FREE Shipping of Keep Smiling Cards. Essentially there are TWO Ways: First, You can go on the website: www.thedailysmile.com , select the Card You want to send and then send it to whomever You want anywhere in the world via EMAIL…for FREE. This is a major [...]

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The Founder’s Story – How Total Immersion Changed My Life

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Inspirational Videos

Louis Armstrong The Incredible Power of Concentration Never Give Up 2 Minutes With Sean Stephenson Just smile..smile..and..smile..my friends !

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The Founder’s Story

Out of the blue, Efryim Shore became paralyzed from the neck down. by Gavriel Horan, Aish.com   It was the second day of Rosh Hashana in 2004. Efryim Barry Shore came home from a full morning of prayers feeling a little tired. After a light lunch he decided to take a nap. Efryim climbed into [...]

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